Best Practices for Engagement Survey Results

Learn how to effectively use the data from your anonymous engagement survey.

You've finished your engagement survey, now what? Use this as your guide.

Planning on what to do after the survey closes is perhaps the most important step in planning an engagement survey.

Respond to critical issues immediately

When serious complaints are made about another employee it is appropriate to get an HR professional involved immediately. Allegations of serious misconduct should be held privately. Make sure that those surveys do not circulate outside of upper management.

Do not share all of the results with the entire staff

Employee surveys are different from customer surveys in that they typically should not be shared in their entirety with all of the staff. Sharing some of the scores and overall areas is a good idea, but specific negative comments should be shared exclusively with management.

No retribution for honest feedback

One of the most essential principles for measuring employee satisfaction is trust. Employees must trust that they will not be punished or disciplined for giving their honest feedback. While it is important to investigate allegations that come up in employee surveys, no employee should be disciplined for any of their own comments. If this happens, employees will stop giving honest feedback or any feedback at all.

Follow up

Respond to issues where they have asked for follow-up quickly.

If the results are not anonymous, follow up with each respondent and thank them for their input, highlighting something they said that was particularly valuable. This is an easy way to build morale. If the results are anonymous, thank the staff as a whole, and share some of the key takeaways from the surveys. If any employee is recognized in the surveys for doing an extraordinary job, recognize them in front of the staff.

Share some of the results and corrective plans with the staff

Identify key areas that need improvement. Share ideas with the staff about how you will improve. Ask the staff for additional ideas on how to improve. If it is not your first employee satisfaction survey, recognize areas that have improved since your last survey.

Recognizing Employees

Taking the time to recognize employees who have gone out of their way to do a great job can make a big difference in your company culture. Providing positive feedback and acknowledging a job well done encourages staff members to do their best work.

We make it easy for you to recognize hard-working employees. In our surveys, we ask respondents if there are any coworkers that deserve special recognition.

Establish a set time when you recognize great employees. Here are some examples of when you can acknowledge others:

  • During staff meetings
  • In the hallway as they are working
  • At a quarterly or semi-annual event
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