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February 14, 2022

Retain: Expiring News Feed Items

We now alert managers on the news feed three business days before a new hire survey expires instead of two days.

Retain: Employee Turnover Chart

Switched the employee turnover chart to show a rolling 365-day period instead of the current year when viewing annual turnover.

Retain: Improve Main Menu Layout

Improved the layout of the main menu when the logged-in user has a very short name.

Retain: Minor Survey Question Wording Change

Changed the wording on the last question of engagement surveys from "Do you have any additional comments?" to "Any additional comments? Leave blank if none."

Retain: Duplicate Location Bug

Fixed an issue where locations would show up multiple times on the dashboard location dropdown.

December 20, 2022

Retain: Add User Time Zone

Added the ability for you to set your time zone so the dates and times shown in Retain reflect the your location, rather than defaulting to your organization's time zone. Each user's time zone will be automatically detected upon first login but can be overridden.

Retain: Sort Time Zones

On the user profile settings page we now sort time zones alphabetically instead of geographically.

November 16, 2022

Retain: Group Survey Viewers by Division

In addition to the existing department, location, and organization groupings, we now group users by division on the survey viewers tab.

November 9, 2022

Track Survey Invitation Contact Methods

We now log information on which contact method was used by employees when they participate in a Retain survey.

Auto-Subscribe Managers to Survey Discussions

Created a setting to allow users to auto-subscribe to all new survey discussions. Department-level managers will automatically have this enabled but may opt out.

October 12, 2022

Save Draft Survey Discussion Comments

Retain will now save a draft of your unsubmitted survey discussion comment(s) and restore it the next time you open the survey for discussion.

Added Ability to Delete Discussion Comments

Added the ability for users to delete their own survey discussion comments.

Notify Retain Application Managers about Upcoming Anonymous Surveys

We now create a news feed item for Retain Application Managers about upcoming anonymous surveys 10 days before the rest of the organization's Retain users. This will give Retain Application Managers the opportunity to change the survey schedule before anyone else is notified.

Add New Hire Survey Expiring Alert

Added an optional feature to the news feed that allows users to receive a notification two business days before one of their employee's new hire surveys expires.

Retain: Integrated with HelpScout

Integrated Retain with the HelpScout knowledge base and support tool.

September 22, 2022

Updated Initial New-Hire Survey Invitation

The first new hire survey notification used the same wording as all other invitations. The first new hire notification now properly uses different, more descriptive wording.

Fixed Date Bug on Survey Inbox

Fixed a bug where the submission date shown in the survey inbox table was not always consistent with the local date/time of the user viewing the survey inbox.

Improved Notification Settings Wording

Improved the wording on the notification settings page regarding the utilization of both text and email channels.

Improved Text Message Notification Wording

Improved the wording when users set up their number for text messaging alerts.

July 28, 2022

Clarified Survey Participation Percentage

Clarified the survey participation percentage in the new hire summary email when there are new hires, but none have been invited yet. Previously it showed 0% participation, and we now show —.

July 20, 2022

Spanish Text on Surveys Updated 

Updated the wording on Retain surveys in Spanish.

Last-Chance Reminders

Last-chance reminders for engagement and follow-up surveys are now sent on the first business day within the last five days of the survey. Previously it would send five business days before the end of the survey. 

May 10, 2022

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that happened with exporting turnover data. Also adjusted which reports display for an organization to matching which features they've decided to use.

Nov 10, 2021

Undoing Terminations

If an employee is terminated and then gets hired again, we might run into some issues handling that scenario during imports. We’ve made it possible to undo a termination which will smooth out some of the issues.

Sep 7, 2021

New Hire Survey Summary Email “Unaddressed at-risk” and Filters on New Hire Surveys Page

We’ve found that if surveys are marked at risk AND they have no comments, it’s a big warning sign that the employee will separate. We’ve started adding this into some of the data we send to you. 

The new hire summary email now has a section that shows the number of surveys that are flagged at risk and have no discussion. The same metric is shown by location underneath the graphic. This is based on the user’s permission structure, so you'll only get data on employees you already have permissions to view.

Clicking the “view” button under “unaddressed at risk surveys” takes you to the new hire survey page with the “no discussion” and “at risk” filters selected. 

Adjusting New Hires Page to Prevent Time-outs

We’ve adjusted the way we load the at-risk report page so that larger organizations with hundreds of entries don’t experience the page timing out and not loading. Users can click “see more” to load more employee new hire journey cards.

Better Integration for Terminations That Aren’t Current

Occasionally, organizations will send us termination data that’s occurred in the past. These old terminations would create a news feed item, but it wasn't relevant to people using their news feed. The organization would want to add the data to get a more accurate representation of what’s happening in the organization, but no one needed to see these in their news feed. Now we check back 14 days for terminations and only add them if they’ve occurred in those 14 days.

Aug 24, 2021

Exit Survey

When users tried to see an exit survey news feed item, but the employee didn’t have a separation date, they were getting an error. Bug is now fixed!

Permission Changes Are Immediately Visible

When users’ permission settings were changed, they couldn’t always see the changes immediately. We now clear out the old settings immediately after the permissions are altered so that there’s no lag time. 

Aug 7, 2021

PDF Comment Summary

This oft-requested feature is here! You can now download a PDF of comments on new hires, engagement, and exit surveys by clicking “generate comment summary.” 

This will generate a PDF in a new tab that you can then download, print, or share. Comments on the report are grouped by question, then by survey period, and then by the grouping selected on the “compare by” dropdown.

Bug Fixes

Some of our organizations have a process where when an employee changes location, they create two records, one with a termination and another with a hire date matching the termination date. Some of our organizations have paused imports because it creates a lot of duplicate entries. This has been fixed so that we can better handle this scenario. 

Fixed a bug that was limiting department managers to only get birthday and anniversary news feed items for their department. Department managers are now getting broader spectrum of notifications as intended

Deleted locations were showing in the location list when an organization was set to off-service. Deleted locations no longer show up. 

Retain: Location Branding

When viewing reports that include more than one location, and location branding is turned on, we used to use the organization name in the question. We changed this to [location name] so that it’s clear that employees see the location name when answering the question.

We will also added a tool tip that explains why [location name] appears as it does.

Aug 10, 2021

Engagement and Follow-Up Survey Results

We've combined the reports for the engagement and follow-up survey so that they are the same page. Some of the engagement and follow-up questions overlap, so it made sense to allow you to view results from both on the same page.

Our report options explanation gives you a great overview of how to use this page.

Aug 3, 2021

Engagement and Follow-Up Survey Intro and Footer Text

We expanded and refined the wording about anonymity to try to make it as clear as possible how anonymity on the surveys work.

New text:

This survey is ANONYMOUS.

We encourage you to participate. By sharing your honest feedback, you help your employer and workplace improve.

We're careful in guarding your anonymity. Management sees responses grouped by question only, and those responses are NEVER linked to your name.

If you want to stay anonymous, try not to write anything that easily reveals who you are.

July 13, 2021

Mobile Numbers

When signing up for Retain user account, it’s now optional to provide your mobile number. 

We've clarified some wording on our verify contact information and welcome email to make it clearer that you verify your email by clicking the button and not replying to the email.

We've changed the call to action wording from: 

Would you please verify we have your correct information?


Would you please verify we have your correct information by clicking the verify button below?
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