About Exit Surveys

Find out what recently separated employees have to say.

After an employee separates from your organization, it can be useful to gauge their overall experience. Doing so can provide great insight into why employees choose to leave and, by extension, how to improve retention.

Exit surveys are not anonymous.

FAQ: When are employees invited to take an exit survey?

Employees that separate will get a survey invitation three days after their final date of employment is reported to Retain.

Exit surveys can be set to only include voluntary separations or to include all types of separations.

FAQ: How many days do employees have to participate in the exit survey?

Employees have 30 days from the day the survey invitation was sent to respond.

Retain sends a reminder seven days after the initial invite and then a last-chance reminder one day before it expires at 30 days.

FAQ: How can we boost participation in exit surveys?

Ask existing employees to have a text number or personal email on their Retain profile. Sometimes company email accounts are deactivated sooner than the exit survey invitation would be sent, so employees who have provided a cell number or personal email have a higher chance of having an opportunity to take the exit survey. 

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