What is an employee profile?

Employees can use their profile page to access surveys, upload a profile photo, and update contact info and preferences.

Sometimes managing contact information within your organization presents a challenge. Let your employees manage their own contact info and methods to personalize their Retain experience so that they’re more apt to participate and communicate with you.

To give respondents to surveys access to their profiles, you can use a Retain-generated direct link (QR code or URL).

Once on their profile through QR code link or URL, employees can:

  • Edit preferred contact method.
  • Add/manage their profile photo.
  • Set their default language.
  • Access all open surveys.

Read the “Invites to Respondent Profiles” section for more on generating a QR code or link for an individual or group using the online app.

Directions for the respondent are on each profile card, as shown below.

From the direct link on the card, the employee will be taken to a page similar to the one shown here:

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