Respondent FAQ

Be prepared to answer any questions employees might have.

Employees often have questions about taking surveys on Retain. This FAQ section describes Retain and why your organization has chosen to use it.

What is Retain?

Retain is all about communication. Retain is software that helps you get additional support for your job, share any concerns you may have, and ask questions.

Retain also helps your employer remember important events, such as your birthday and work anniversary!

Who is Retain by Pinnacle?

We help senior care providers improve the patient experience. We also help retain employees.

We are passionate about improving care and workplaces through communication, especially customer and employee surveys.

Retain is a Pinnacle Quality Insight product.

How does Retain know me?

Your employer uses Retain to ask employees for feedback.

Your employer sends information to Retain through a secure connection.

Why is my employer using Retain?

Your employer values your feedback.

They want you to enjoy your job and where you work. Your response to surveys helps your employer continually strengthen onboarding, training, and communication.

How will Retain contact me?

You decide.

Retain asks you how you’d like to be contacted (text, email, or both).

How often will I be asked to take a survey?

Retain sends an invite twice yearly to participate in the company-wide, anonymous survey. They are sent to your preferred contact and will have a direct link to your survey.

You can also access any open surveys on your profile. Talk to your manager if you need a link to your profile.

Your organization knows that starting a new job can be challenging. To address this, they ask new hires to take a short survey several times during their first 90 days on the job. You can let them know how your job is going and ask for any support you might need as you adjust to your new role.

Are the surveys anonymous?

Retain’s focus is on communication and addressing employee concerns directly, so surveys in your first 90 days on the job are not anonymous.

However, the semi-annual, organization-wide survey is anonymous. These are different from the new-hire surveys you will take when you are first hired. All employees in the organization are invited to participate in these surveys during a month-long period.

Retain takes great care to ensure your anonymity in these twice-a-year surveys. Your responses are NEVER linked to your name, and it’s not even possible to view the responses by department if there are fewer than five completed surveys from the group.

The anonymity of surveys is clearly labeled so you’re able to easily make the distinction between those that are not anonymous and those that are.

Why does Retain want my picture?

Your employer wants to get to know you better.

Adding a picture helps management put a face to a name.

In Retain, your picture is NEVER shown or associated with anonymous surveys. Your picture is also never shared publicly.

Should I participate?


By participating in Retain’s short, simple surveys, you help your employer and workplace improve. It will never take more than just a couple of minutes to participate.

Can I choose not to participate?


Your participation in all surveys is completely optional. If you don’t want to be invited to participate in surveys, you may opt out through your profile settings.

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