Permissions and Report Access

Understand who can see what and adjust permissions.

Departments, Locations, and Divisions

Retain uses different groupings for many of its permission and reporting structures.

This diagram shows the hierarchy of divisions, locations, and departments. Divisions (often referred to as regions) are an excellent way to group locations by a broad category, like geographical location, such as by state. The number of levels may vary depending on how your organization has set up Retain.

Assign a Role

When you invite a user, you can select a role for that user. Role options may vary by organization. For example, if you were to select “Division Manager,” you would then be asked, “Which division should the user be able to access?” Select the division for that user from the provided menu, as shown here.

Using Divisions as a Filter

When running reports, you can use these segments as filters. For example, all can be filtered down to show results by division.

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