Log in to Retain

Access our online app in four simple steps.

Your organization will send you an invite to Retain through your employee email. Once you click on this link, your email will be automatically entered on the Retain log-in page. Pick a secure password to finish setting up your Retain user account. To prevent unauthorized access and to secure sensitive employee information, Retain doesn’t have a generic register or “create an account” page.

If you need to become a user in Retain and you don’t have access, drop us an email (at info@pinnacleqi.com) with your name, facility, and organization. Or ask someone in your organization to send you an invite.

(Managers and Respondents explains the difference between a user account and survey taker profile.)

Go to the Retain log-in page.

Fill out your email address and secure password.

Click “Remember Me” if you want Retain to remember your email address and password. Don’t click this box if you are using a public computer.

Click “login.”

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