Managers and Respondents

Explore two sides of Retain: manager accounts and survey respondent profiles.

The Retain app is divided into two areas:

  • Reports and Results (manager account)
  • Surveys (respondent profile)

Managers have access to survey results in Retain. These users have invitation-only, password-protected accounts that grant access to reports and survey results for their direct reports. NOTE: This access is restricted to direct reports only. 

Respondents will be sent a direct link to their employee survey page to take surveys. On this page, they are encouraged to upload a photo and manage their contact information. They can’t see survey results or other employee information through these links. Survey respondents don’t need a password or a code, only the unique, direct link.

Managers use the same process as all respondents to take surveys. They don’t take surveys through the account they use to view reports and survey results. 

Reports & Results


Manager Accounts Respondent Profile
  • For managers of employees/respondents
  • Not used to take surveys
  • Password-protected
  • Access to survey results and reports
  • Can comment on surveys and can be tagged in discussions
  • For all employees
  • To respond to surveys as an employee
  • Direct URL link
  • Not connected to results or reports
  • Upload profile photo
  • Keep contact information for survey invitations up to date
  • Set preferred contact method
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