What Is Retain?

Explore the features that make Retain the right choice for your organization.

Retain's employee retention software helps you keep and engage your employees, especially in the critical first 100 days on the job. Through automatically scheduled surveys, at-risk reports, and more, you can easily see which employees need better support and what is causing them to struggle. Notifications in the news feed, an easy-to-navigate dashboard, employee milestone tracking, and useful data make it an effective way for managers to know what simple tasks need to be done to keep employees feeling engaged, valued, and seen.

Featured Functions:

  • Surveys
    • New Hires at 15, 30, 60, and 90 days
    • Engagement and Follow-Up
    • Exit
  • Birthday and Work Anniversary Reminders
  • At-Risk Reporting to learn which new employees need additional support
  • Email Notifications
  • Quarterly and Annual Turnover Data
  • Engagement and Satisfaction Data
  • Reporting Breakdowns (by department, generation, location, and more)

We also offer an open virtual meeting where you can join us for a Q and A session. Register here.

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