Retain in Action

See how Retain increases communication between employees, managers, and other stakeholders.

Meet Carol, a new employee. Let’s take a look at her Retain experience with her manager, Rob, and Janice from HR.

Carol submits a survey

Carol is a new employee who has just finished her 30-day employee survey.

Janice receives a notification

Janice, from HR, gets a Retain notification that Carol has just completed her employee survey.

Janice reads Carol’s survey, Carol is struggling

In Carol’s new hire survey, she says her training was confusing and now she feels discouraged.

Janice asks Carol’s manager to help

Janice sends a Retain message to Carol’s manager, Rob. He talks to Carol and her trainer.

Rob updates Janice

Rob reports back to Janice about the rushed training. As he continues to work with Carol and her trainer, he sends Janice additional updates through Retain.

Carol gets the help she needs to succeed

After training with Rob, Carol is happy. Her 60-day employee survey reflects her positive feelings.

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