About New-Hire Surveys

Check on new hires in their critical first 100 days, when employees are most at risk of quitting.

During the first 100 days of employment, a new hire will receive four surveys — at days 15, 30, 60, and 90). Each contains four to six questions about job satisfaction. Respondents are asked to rate experiences from one to five and are also given the opportunity to leave comments.

These surveys are not anonymous. This is so you can check in with the employee directly and address any problems immediately.

FAQ: When will I be notified if a new hire skips a survey?

You are notified 14 days after an employee misses two consecutive surveys. For example, if the 30-day and 60-day surveys are skipped, you will be notified 14 days after the 60-day survey was sent out.

We notify you after two skipped surveys in a row due to a higher risk of employee separation. This allows the manager to follow up directly in an attempt to ensure satisfaction and avoid potential turnover.

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