Data Connection to Retain

Learn how Retain keeps up to date with employee data.

Retain securely obtains information from your company’s HRIS (human resource information software). Anything updated there will be reflected in Retain. NOTE: The flow of information goes one way. Retain cannot make any changes to anything in your HRIS.

Keeping the HRIS current allows Retain to maintain the latest information without you having to update multiple locations. Occasionally, when HRIS isn’t available, organizations choose to maintain employee information manually.

Employees who have left the organization will be marked as such by Retain as soon as the HRIS shares that with Retain. You do not need to go into Retain to remove employees.

FAQ: How do employees receive the surveys?

Employees are automatically invited to take surveys via their preferred contact method (email or text). When necessary, reminders to take an open survey are sent in the same way.
Additionally, you can link employees directly to their unique profiles by either opting to print and deliver QR code cards or by sending a direct link URL. Either way, employees can effortlessly update their contact information and access open surveys they haven’t taken yet.

FAQ: Do survey respondents need a password?

Employees have profiles, which don’t require a password. This is different from the account that managers use.

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