Default Email Set Up

Check the email settings on your computer so that you can email directly from Retain.

One of the benefits of Retain is the ability to see a recommended action and take that action. These recommendations appear as buttons on the news feed, which say things like introduce yourself or congratulate employee. When clicked, Retain will offer the option to send an email directly to the employee.

Because different companies have different email providers, your computer allows you to choose which application you’d like to use when you click on these email links. Most of the time, your computer will already have the settings for a default email app ready to go.

This guide is for times when the settings on your computer might need some troubleshooting.

  1. Click below on the email app you are currently using: Gmail, MAC, Windows
  2. Follow directions in link

If email links still don't work after following the directions in the links above, check that the permissions on your Mac or PC are set to allow email links.

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